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These specialized courses are designed by Webel Data Brio Academy to meet the growing demands of industry. The evaluation & certification for these industry ready courses are provided by Webel Data Brio Academy

Business Analytics Certification Program

Webel Data Brio Academy offers business analytics courses, training and certifications by industry experts.

The course content is developed by analytics experts from around the globe in tune with industry requirements.

The course introduces participants to fundamental concepts of statistics, and guides them all the way to building predictive and prescriptive models using simple, multiple and logistic regression. All the topics are explained with the help of hands-on practice with case studies and real-time data, enabling a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts of analytics.

Business Analytics Course – Outline

Duration – 85 Hours

Core Analytics using SPSS (Module I)

Analytics Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Analytics, Data Types, Levels of Measurement
  • Descriptive Statistics (Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion); Diagrammatic Representation – charts & graphs
  • Population, Sampling and Sample Size
  • Elementary Probability, Expectation, Variance, Correlation, and Statistical Distributions
  • Point Estimation, Interval Estimation
  • Inferential Statistics

    • Hypothesis Testing, Type I & Type II Error, P-Value
    • Inferential Statistics: Normality Test, 1-Sample t-tests
    • 2-Sample t-tests, HOV, ANOVA, Moods Median Test, Chi-square test, DOE
    • 7 assignments with data sets


    • Linear & Logistic Regression – Case studies


    • Multivariate Analysis – Factor & Cluster Analysis

    R for Analytics (Module 2)

    • Introduction
    • Comparison with SAS
    • Interfaces, R Workspace, GUI of R studio
    • Data Types & data structures – vector, array, list, matrix, data frame

    Data Management

    • Functions – numeric functions, character functions, date functions etc.
    • Importing and exporting data (.csv, .xls, SAS data files, SPSS files etc.); knowing structure of data; Loading packages
    • Conditional statements and loops


    • Diagrammatic representation – Scatter Plot, Histogram, Boxplot, Bar chart, Line chart etc.
    • Plot function

    Statistical Functions

    • Mean, Median, Std. deviation, Hypothesis Tests – z, t, chi, HOV, ANOVA etc.
    • Cluster and Factor Analysis
    • Regression – multiple, logistic

    Big Data and Business Analytics Certification Program

    Join the data revolution. Learning Big data and Hadoop which has almost become the de facto standard for storing, processing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes, and even petabytes of data.
    Our program on Big Data Hadoop Course is designed to equip you with the necessary technical knowledge to create a big data organization that can reveal insights from all types of data and systems.

    Big Data and Business Analytics Course – Outline

    Duration: 80 Hours
    Module 1 : Introduction to Big Data

    • What is BIG DATA?
    • Business Applications
    • Technologies Used

    Module 2 : Hadoop Ecosystem

    • Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Hortonworks Sandbox Setup or Cloudera

    Module 3 : HDFS

    • Introduction to HDFS
    • Lab 1: HDFS Commands

    Module 4 : Pig, Hive & HBase

    • Introduction to Pig
    • Lab2: Pig
    • Introduction to Hive
    • Lab 3: Hive
    • Introduction to Hbase
    • Lab 4: Hbase

    Module 5 : MapReduce

    • MapReduce Essentials
    • Lab 5: MapReduce Example 1
    • Lab 6: MapReduce Example 2

    Module 6 : MapReduce using Hadoop Streaming API

    • Introduction to Streaming API
    • Lab 7: Hadoop Streaming API using R
    • Lab 8: Hadoop Streaming API using Python

    Module 7 : Sqoop, Oozie & Flume

    • Introduction to Sqoop, Oozie, Flume
    • Lab 6: Sqoop
    • Lab 7: Sqoop Advanced
    • Lab 8: Oozie
    • Lab 9: Flume

    Module 8 : Overview of Hadoop Advanced Concepts & Administration

    • Introduction to Spark, Storm & Kafka
    • Introduction to Ambari
    • Lab 10: Ambari

    QUIZ I: Evaluation


    Module 9 : Introduction to Analytics using R

    • What is Analytics
    • Business Applications
    • Technologies used

    Module 10 : R as an analytics tool

    • R console and R Studio
    • Features of R
    • Data import/export
    • Datatypes – Objects, vectors, list, matrix, dataframe

    Module 11 : Descriptive statistics in R

    • Packages in R
    • Calculating Mean, Median, Mode, Variation etc.
    • Charts & graphs – histogram, bar & pie, box plot, scatter plot

    Module 12 : Unsupervised learning – 1

    • Cluster Analysis – K Means cluster

    Module 13 : Unsupervised learning – 2

    • Factor Analysis – PCA

    Quiz II : Evaluation
    Assignments: Problems given for practice with data sets

    Digital Marketing Certification Program

    In this digital era, the topmost companies in India and across the globe are taking help of online marketing in order to improve their online and grow revenue. And thereby, every organisation is in need of a digital marketing expert as well.
    So, just be ready to join this digital revolution! Data Brio Academy provides with top-notch digital marketing course especially for the newbies who seek a job in the IT and digital field. Our digital marketing course is finely designed with all necessary technical and analytical knowledge that a candidate needs to know for becoming a Digital Marketing expert.

    Digital Marketing Course – Outline

    Duration: 60 Hours

    Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • Strategies in Digital Marketing
    • Aligning the Internet with Business Objectives
    • User Behavior & Navigation
    • Branding & User Experience
    • Developing a Digital Plan

    Search Engine Optimization

    • Keyword Research
    • How Google Works
    • Search Engine Factors
    • OnPage & OffPage Optimisation
    • Meta Tags Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Video Links and How to Get Them

    Search Engine Marketing

    • How to Create a PPC Campaign
    • Implementing Your PPC Budget
    • Targeting Your Advertising
    • Measuring & Managing Your Campaigns

    Email Marketing

    • Creating Optimised Campaigns
    • Email Marketing Explained
    • How to Measure Success
    • Managing Your Database
    • Best Practice Case Studies
    • Choosing 3rd Party Email Providers

    Content Marketing

    • What is content marketing
    • Best practices of content writing

    Social Media Marketing

    • What is Social Media Marketing?
    • Overview of Social Media Channels
    • Blogging and techniques
    • Increasing Website Traffic Using Facebook
    • Facebook Advertisements
    • Techniques of Paid Advertisements
    • Best Practice Examples & Case Studies

    Digital Display Marketing

    • What is Display Advertising?
    • How are Banners created & advertise
    • Banner Formats & When to Use Them
    • Creating and Implementing a Banner Campaign
    • Best Practice Case Studies
    • Youtube Ads

    Mobile Marketing

    • The Development of Mobile Marketing
    • Various Forms of Mobile Marketing

    Website Analytics

    • What is Website Analytics?
    • Google Analytics Explained
    • Understanding your KPIs
    • Measuring Website Traffic
    • Setting up Goal
    • Event Tracking
    • Google Analytics Certification

    Android Development Certification Program

    There are more than 1.4 billion Android users and this number is increasing rapidly. More and more organizations are developing mobile apps to target these users. The android development course has been designed by Industry Experts. Android Application Developers who are having vast experience in application development are the mentors. The course provides real-time exposure and hands-on experience to the participants. Students get a corporate learning environment where they can learn not only the technology but also the actual Application Development on android. Solving the real programming challenges makes the participants job ready.

    Android Application development Course – Outline

    Duration:60 Hours

    Introduction to Android

    • The Android family
    • Overview of Android and Android SDK
    • History of Android
    • Android features

    Android architecture overview

    • Introduction to OS layers
    • Linux kernel
    • Libraries
    • Android Runtime
    • Application framework

    Environment Setup

    • System requirements
    • Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
    • Creating first Android application
    • Project Structure

    Android Application Fundamentals

    • Android application building blocks
    • Activating components
    • Shutting down components
    • Life Cycle of Application
    • Development tools, Manifest File
    • Life Cycle of Activity

    User Interface

    • View Hierarchy and Layouts
    • UI Events
    • Building Menus
    • Notifying users
    • Creating dialogs
    • Graphics & Animations

    Main Building Blocks

    • Activity
    • Services
    • Content Providers
    • Broadcast Receivers


    • Overview of Android Resources
    • Creating Resources
    • Using Resources
    • Drawable Resources
    • Animation Resources

    Data Storage

    • Shared Preferences
    • Internal Storage (Files)
    • External Storage(SD Card)
    • SQLite Databases

    Android Media API

    • Playing audio/video
    • Media recording
    • Blue tooth
    • WiFi
    • Camera
    • Telephony Manager
    • Location Services
    • Google Maps
    • Deploying Android Application on Device

    Assignments – Building top-trending applications

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