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SAS Training & Certification in Kolkata and Noida, India

Why should you become a SAS Certified Professional?

The SAS Certification program provides you a means to certify your SAS software skills and earn industry recognition for your knowledge. With a professional certification from SAS you will set yourself apart from the competition today by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by SAS. Invest in yourself today and reap the benefits tomorrow.


  • This program increases your career opportunities and marketability.
  • Enhances your credibility as a technical professional.
  • The program is targeted to prepare the participants to confidently take the official Base SAS Certification from SAS institute.
  • Mock Certification Test: At the end of the program each participant will be given a mock certification exam modeled on the actual SAS Certification exam and evaluated.

Program Highlights

  • Unique Program Architecture: Understanding SAS with easy examples and Hands-On practice.
  • Expert Faculties: Learn directly from industry practitioners with companies like GE, Nielson etc.
  • Continuous Evaluation: By Intermediate test and mock test.
  • SAS certification preparation guide from Expert Faculty.


Duration – 40 hous

Basic Concept

  • Overview of SAS.
  • SAS programming concept.
  • SAS Library.
  • Accessing data.
  • Referencing SAS files.
  • Basic Concept of SAS Data & Variable Part.

SAS Data & Variables

  • Creating & Reading Data.
  • Creating & Reading Variables.
  • Validate and clean data.
  • Using SAS functions to manipulate character data, numeric data, and SAS date values.

Managing Report

  • Referencing File & Setting.
  • Creating & Enhancing Report.
  • Generating report using ODS statement.

Loop & Array

  • DO Loops, nesting Do loops.
  • One & Multidimensional Array.

SAS Functions

  • Use of Various Date Functions and Other Functions like SCAN, SUBSTR, TRIM etc.

Creating Observations

  • Creating Single Observations from a Single Record and Vice-Versa.

Descriptive Statistics

  • Use of Descriptive Statistical Functions Like Mean, Median, Mode etc.

Error Handling

  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors.
  • Type of Errors like Data & Syntax Error.



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