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About the Course:

Python programming is the most demanded programming language as per the industry requirement. Our python programming and machine learning course is designed for students and working professionals who are in the information technology field. Students can develop their skill set and can apply them in their respective working domain.

Organizations all over the globe spend billions in training their existing employees in Python programming so having the certificate on python programming and machine learning can instantly help you to grab better job opportunities.

Our trainers are industry stalwarts. From the first day of the class you will be asked to select one project and gradually work on it as the class progresses.

Why Python is Popular?

  • Provides an opportunity for you to upskill
  • Enhances programming knowledge portfolio
  • Improves your employability quotient
  • Increases your chances of getting into Big Data & Bio Informatics
  • Widely used in Bioinformatics applications
  • Engineers use Python to make scientific calculations, design systems, and simulation software
  • System administrators as they are increasingly replacing their shell scripts with Python scripts


Python Programming & Machine Learning course outline

  • History, features and Installation
  • Introduction
    • Keywords and Identifiers
    • Statements and comments
    • Input, Output and Import
    • Python operators
  • Variables, expression
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Flow control
    • Python if…else
    • For loop
    • While loop
    • Break and continue
    • Pass statement
  • Native Data types
    • Python numbers
    • Python list
    • Tuple
    • String
    • Set
    • Dictionary
    • Conversion between data types
  • String operations
  • Files
  • Modules and Packages
  • Object and Class
  • Web scraping
  • Numerical Python (Numpy)
  • Pandas for high-level data manipulation
  • Data visualization using Matplotlib and ggplot (examples and case studies)
  • Descriptive statistics and analytics using Python (examples and case studies)
  • Machine learning using Python (examples and case studies)
    • Unsupervised-Cluster analysis
    • Supervised- Decision Tree
  • Project work

Program Highlights

  • In-depth teaching
    • On Python programming using built-in and user-defined functions
    • Data Visualization & Analytics
    • Machine Learning
  • Project
    • Project work on Machine Learning in Telecom / Retail / Financial Services sector



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