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Best Data Science Training, Courses & Certification in Kolkata and Noida, India

Join the data revolution. Companies are searching for data scientists. This specialized field demands multiple skills not easy to obtain through conventional curriculam.

Data Science is an emerging multidisciplinary field that incorporates techniques and theories from mathematics, statistics and computer programming. The focus of our data science course is on generating business critical and analytical insights from staggering amount of data that is being generated at an ever increasing pace, including both structured and unstructured data from non-traditional sources, including text, images, and social interaction.

The Global certification is offered by WEBEL in collaboration with Data Brio Academy

Course Coverage – Data Science

  • Big Data Analytics and the Data Scientist Role
    • The characteristics of Big Data
    • The practice of analytics
    • The role and required skills of a Data Scientist


  • Data Analytics Lifecycle
    • Discovery
    • Data preparation
    • Model planning and building
    • Communicating results
    • Operationalizing a data analytics project


  • Initial Analysis of the Data
    • Using basic R commands to analyze data
    • Using statistical measures and visualization (Box, Scatter, Histogram, Bubble Charts) to understand data
    • The theory, process, and analysis of results to evaluate a model


  • Advanced Analytics – Theory and Methods
    • Hypothesis Tests (ANOVA, T Test, HoV, Chi-Sq, Logistic, Median tests)
    • Linear regression
    • Machine Learning
    • Classification using Nearest Neighbours
    • K-means clustering
    • Market Basket Analysis using Association rules
    • Naïve Bayesian classifiers
    • Decision trees
    • Random Forest
    • Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Re-sampling Method
    • Discriminant Analysis
    • Text Analytics
      • Vector Space model
      • Term-Document Matrix
      • Word Cloud
      • Stop Word Removal
      • Latent Semantic Indexing
      • Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering
      • Sentiment Analysis


  • Advanced Analytics for Big Data – Technology and Tools
    • Hadoop Ecosystems, HDFS
    • MapReduce, PIG, HIVE
    • RHadoop for Advanced Analytics

Duration – 120 hours

Attractive Discounts


  • Early Bird Discount (For registrations up to 7 days before course commencement)
  • Group discount (For group registration of 3 or more students)


Why Data Brio ?

  • Learn directly from industry practitioners with more than 22 years of corporate experience with companies like Dell R&D, Infosys, Perot System, Tektronics etc. 
  • Certificate directly from WEBEL in collaboration with Data Brio Academy and compliant to National Skill Developement Council (NSDC), Govt of India’s sector skill council NASSCOM’s Qualification Pack
  • Get the business perspective – more importantly develop the mindset to ‘see and work with data’ the right way instead of learning just the tools & theories
  • Unique training methodology with real-time case studies, assignments with data sets and projects with end-to-end life cycle
  • Only academy to offer hands-on workshop and Data Science training. Participants work on systems along with faculty. This enables participants to be more versatile and confident during project/interview opportunities.
  • End-to-end life cycle experience of real-time project. Internship provision in our parent company Business Brio. Business Brio is NASSCOM and CII (Confedration of Indian Industry) member company and provides projects and consulting services in Big Data and Analytics.
  • 100% Placement assistance through dedicated placement cell (offers resume workshop, interview guidance and placement opportunities)



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