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Business Analytics Training & Certification Courses in Kolkata and Noida, India

Data Brio Academy offers business analytics certification Course & training in collaboration with Webel, Data Brio Academy delivers training by industry experts in the areas of Business Analytics, Clinical Research Analytics, Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics etc. on tools like SAS, SPSS, R, MS Excel, Tableau, PowerBI etc.

The course content is developed by analytics experts from around the globe. It is updated continuously to reflect the latest requirements of technology and business.

Certification options from:

  • Data Brio Academy
  • Centre of Excellence, Dept. of IT, Govt. of West Bengal (CEIAT)

The course introduces participants to fundamental concepts of statistics, and guides them all the way to building predictive models using simple, multiple and logistic regression, time-series forecasting, optimization etc. All the topics are explained with the help of hands-on practice with case studies and real-time data, enabling a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts of analytics.

Business Analytics Course – Outline

Core Analytics (Module I)

Analytics Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Analytics, Data Types, Levels of Measurement
  • Descriptive Statistics (Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion); Diagrammatic Representation – charts & graphs
  • Population, Sampling and Sample Size
  • Elementary Probability, Expectation, Variance, Correlation, and Statistical Distributions
  • Point Estimation, Interval Estimation

Inferential Statistics

  • Hypothesis Testing, Type I & Type II Error, P-Value
  • Inferential Statistics: Normality Test, 1-Sample and
  • 2-Sample T-tests, HOV, 1-Way ANOVA, Moods Median Test, Chi-square test, DOE
  • 7 assignments with data sets


  • Linear & Logistic Regression – Case studies


  • Multivariate Analysis – Factor & Cluster Analysis

Data Pre-processing

  • Outliers & Extreme Value Analysis (+ Case study)
  • Missing Value Analysis (+ Case study)

Other Topics

  • Business Forecasting – Time Series (+ Case study)
  • Optimization Techniques (+ Case study)

SAS (Module II)

Data structure

  • SAS interface, library structure and definition
  • Types of variables, Importing/exporting datasets, Variable attributes and data modification

Data Management & Reports

  • Conditional statements to modify data – where, if and nested if; Appending, sorting and merging data sets
  • SAS functions for data manipulation; Missing values, Arrays

Basic Proc Sets

  • PROC contents, PROC format, PROC report and PROC tabulate
  • PROC steps for basic statistics – PROC univariate, PROC means, PROC summary etc.
  • Case studies I & II

Proc SQL

  • SQL in SAS and data manipulation using PROC SQL, Conditional statements in SQL and aggregate functions
  • SQL joins and comparison with SAS merge
  • Case studies III & IV

Macros & Inferential Statistics

  • Introduction to macros – global and local macro variables, Arithmetic and logical expressions, writing efficient macros
  • All Hypothesis tests, Correlation/Regression, Factor/Cluster Analysis; Exploring data with graphs
  • Case studies V & VI
  • Guidance and Quiz for Base SAS certification exam (new)

MS Excel and VBA

Excel Basics

  • Sorting, Filtering, Advance Filtering, Subtotal
  • Pivot Tables; Data Entry Forms
  • What‐if‐Analysis – Data Tables, Scenario Manager & Goal Seek
  • Different Charts & Graphs – Which one to use and when
  • Vlookup, Hlookup, Match, Index
  • Style & Number Formatting, Conditional Formatting
  • Worksheet & Workbook Reference, Smart Printing Options
  • Logical Operators & Functions – IF and Nested IF
  • Data Validation, Text Functions, Macro

VBA Programing

  • Automate a Task using Macro, Analysis Using VBA
  • Objects – Collection, Application, Workbook and Window Objects, Range
  • Variable, Data Types, and Constants
  • VBA Sub, Event and Function Procedures
  • Conditional logic (Conditional Statements and the If/Then/Else and Select/Case) and loop
  • Project

Advanced Excel

  • Statistical Analysis using Analysis Toolpak – Descriptive Stat, histogram, t test / z test / ANOVA, correlation, Time-series, etc.

SQL Basics and Data Visualization with Tableau (Module IV)


  • Write SELECT queries
  • Query multiple tables
  • Use built-in functions
  • Use subqueries

Data Visualization

  • What is Visualization?
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Maps and Geographic units
  • Creating interactive visualizations
  • Visualization Project


  • Creating Visualization with Tableau
  • Introduction to Tableau Workspace
  • Working with different data sources

R for Analytics and Overview of Big Data & Hadoop (Module V)


  • Comparison with SAS
  • Interfaces, R Workspace, GUI of R studio
  • Data Types & data structures – vector, array, list, matrix, data frame

Data Management

  • Functions – numeric functions, character functions, date functions etc.
  • Importing and exporting data (.csv, .xls, SAS data files, SPSS files etc.); knowing structure of data; Loading packages
  • Conditional statements and loops


  • Diagrammatic representation – Scatter Plot, Histogram, Boxplot, Bar chart, Line chart etc.
  • Plot function

Statistical Functions

  • Mean, Median, Std. deviation, Hypothesis Tests – z, t, chi, HOV, ANOVA etc.
  • Cluster and Factor Analysis
  • Regression – multiple, logistic

Text Mining

  • Keyword search, Sentiment Analysis
  • Assignments and Quiz

Big Data (Overview)

  • Concept of Big Data & Hadoop
  • HDFS, R for Hadoop, Flume, Spark

Career Plus

  • Resume Workshop
  • Interview Workshop
  • Project Mentoring
  • Industry Seminars
  • Job Updates

Learn directly from industry practitioners with more than 17 years of corporate experience with companies like Fidelity, Accenture, Nielsen, Genpact, Dell, Infosys etc.

Why Data Brio Academy?
  • Workshop & Training Certificate directly from Centre of Excellence of IT/ITES Training, Dept. of IT initiative, Government of West Bengal (CEIAT) in collaboration with Data Brio Academy
  • Global Certification on Business Analytics training from  Webel in collaboration with Data Brio Academy and compliant to NASSCOM’s Qualification Packs on analytics and data science (National Skill Developement Council (NSDC), Govt of India’s IT sector skill council)
  • Only institute with transparent faculty profiles from the industry and with academic laurels fromBITS, IIM, ISI, Carnegie Mellon University, Michigan State University, Purdue University, Presidency College etc. Get the business perspective – develop the mindset to ‘see data’ the right way instead of learning just the tools & theories!
  • Unique training methodology with real-time case studies, assignments with data sets and projects with end-to-end life cycle
  • Only academy where six tools are taught – SAS / SPSS / R / Minitab / MS Excel and Lindo for optimization. This enables participants to be more versatile and confident during project/interview opportunities.
  • Assured internship (for freshers & student participants) in our parent company Business Brio (NASSCOM and CII member company) Business Brio is an award winning analytics company and provides projects and consulting services in Analytics, big data, operational excellence and market research. 
  • Placement assistance (for working professionals & students) along with interview guidance with 3 mock interviews

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