We recently have had a conversation with Sutirtha Thakur, one of our business analytics students. Sutirtha is presently working in FICO and posted in Bengaluru as a Data Science Consultant. We feel really proud to see him growing this way and know about his journey in analytics training program in Data Brio Academy.

Hello Sutirtha, Greetings from Data Brio Academy! We are here to chat with you about your career in business analytics and data science.

  1. Where are you working now and in what role?

    Presently I am working as Data Science Consultant at FICO in Bangalore, India. Before this, I worked as a Data Scientist at Tata Technologies.

  2. What is your educational background?

    I did Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from the Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical, and Technological Sciences.

  3. What have you worked on in recent past?

    At Tata Technologies, I worked on various projects like incubation of new manufacturing analytics platform using Big data and cloud computing using AWS/Spark/R/Tableau etc. I also worked on a project for brand penetration using social media data in R and Tableau.

  4. How did you get interested in analytics?

    During my postgraduate training at ISRO, I worked on a project on image processing and got introduced to analytics. Also, when I was working in GIS with a company in Mumbai, I got more interested in analytics as it’s a growing area.

  5. How did you get to know about DBA?

    As my interest started growing, I became serious about making a career in data science and I started looking for a analytics training institute on the internet. I learned about Data Brio Academy there. I interacted with the faculty and also DBA alumni who had attended training programs and completed their internships and projects there. These interactions gave me the confidence to join DBA and I shifted from Mumbai to Kolkata to start a new journey in data science!

  6. Which course did you do at Data Brio Academy?

    In DBA, I joined the Business analyst certification course with SPSS, R and SAS tools.

  7. How was your experience with Data Brio Academy?

    In Data Brio Academy, the focus is on hands-on learning. The classes are very engaging as there are lots of practical examples and cases from business.  Also, while doing my training at DBA, I got opportunity to work with Business Brio (an award-winning big data analytics company) and I worked there on big data analytics projects like IT infrastructure utilization patterns for a large eCommerce company. I think this combination of practical learning and on-the-job training is the uniqueness of Data Brio Academy and that definitely gave a boost to my career in analytics.

  8. Would you like to share any advice and suggestions with those who aspire to get into the field of data science and analytics?

    I think there are 3 things which are required – understanding the business problem, choosing the right technology for solutioning and visualization to show the solutions. And the importance of these things were drilled into me right from the beginning of my analytics training at Data Brio Academy. I wish all the aspirants great success in their career!

  9. After this interview, we want to thank Sutirtha for spending his precious time with us! We are glad that you have made the most out of Data Brio Academy’s  Business Analytics Certification course. We wish you all the luck and a successful career ahead.