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Big Data Analytics: Spark With Scala Certification Program

Advance Big Data certification training would advance your expertise in Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem. With this Big Data Analytics Training & certification you will master the essential skills such as Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Machine Learning Programming, GraphX Programming

Participants’ take away

  • Get clear understanding of the limitations of MapReduce and role of Spark in overcoming these limitations
  • Understand fundamentals of Scala Programming Language and it’s features
  • Explain & master the process of installing Spark as a standalone cluster
  • Expertise in using RDD for creating applications in Spark
  • Mastering SQL queries using SparkSQL
  • Gain thorough understanding of Spark Streaming features
  • Master & describe the features of Spark ML Programming in Scala
  • Who should do this course?

    With a number of opportunities in the field, the following job roles will get benefited from this course:

    • Software Developer / Analyst / Architect
    • Project Manager / Data Base Administrators
    • Big data developers

    Course Outline: Big Data: Spark with Scala

    Duration: 35 Hours

    Module 1: Core Scala

    • Getting Started with Scalable Language
    • Working with Data: Literals, Values, Variables & type
    • Expressions and Conditionals
    • Functions
    • First-Class Functions
    • Common Collections
    • More Collections
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 2: Object Oriented Scala

    • Classes
    • Objects, Case Classes and Traits
    • Advanced Typing
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 3: Introduction to Apache Spark
    What is Apache Spark?

    • A Unified Stack
    • Who uses Spark and for what?
    • A brief history of Spark
    • What is good and bad In MapReduce?
    • Spark Versions and Releases

    Module 4: Cloudera Quick Start VM Installation

    • Include Hadoop
    • Include Apache Spark
    • Include Hive
    • Include Sqoop
    • Include Hue
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 5: Programming with RDDs

    • RDD basics
    • Creating RDDs
    • RDD operations
    • Passing Function to Spark
    • Common transformations and actions
    • Persistence(Caching)
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 6: Playing with Pair RDDs

    • Core concepts of PairRDD
    • Creation of PairRDD
    • Aggregation in PairRDD
    • Aggregation functions understanding in depth
    • reduceByKey()
    • foldByKey()
    • combineByKey()
    • groupByKey()
    • aggregateByKey()
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 7: Loading and Saving Data

    • File Formats
    • Text File
    • JSON
    • Comma-Separated Values and Tab Separated Values
    • Sequence Files
    • Object Files
    • Hadoop input and output Formats
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 8: Build and Monitor Apache Spark Applications

    • Cluster Managers
    • Deploying Application with Spark Submit
    • A scala spark application built with SBT
    • Finding Information
    • Spark Web UI
    • Driver and Executor Logs
    • Hands-on-lab

    Module 9: Spark SQL

    • Linking with Spark SQl
    • Using Spark SQL in Applications
    • Loading and Saving Data
    • User Defined Functions
    • Spark SQL Performance tunning
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 10: Spark Advanced

    • Data Partitioning
    • What is Partitioning and why?
    • Data Partitioning example using Join (Hash Partitioning)
    • Understand Partitioning using Example for get Recommendations for Customer
    • Understand Partitioning code using Spark-Scala
    • Operations which create Partitioned RDD
    • Operation which get benefit of Partitioning
    • Operation that affect the partitioning
    • Accumulators
    • Broadcast Variables
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 11: Spark Streaming

    • Real/Near real time data processin
    • Streaming Sources and Sinks
    • DStream (Discretized Stream)
    • execution of Spark Streming
    • Spark Streaming Transformation (Stateless and Stateful)
    • Comining multiple DStream
    • Understanding transform() operator
    • Window Transformation
    • Window Duration and Sliding Duration
    • DStream Opeations
    • WordCount in DStream
    • Checkpointing
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 12: Machine Learning with MLlib and GraphX

    • Basics of ML and Data Science
    • Example of Machine Learning
    • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    • Key terminology e.g. features, training and testing
    • How to choose right algorithm
    • Common steps of Machine Learning
    • Collect data
    • Prepare Input data
    • Analyze Input data
    • Train the algorithm
    • Test the algorithm
    • Use the Algorithm
    • Graphx
    • Hands-on lab

    Module 13: Apache Spark – Scala Project + External Certification Preparation

    • Project 1: Movie Recommendation
    • Project 2: Real Time Stock market data processing
    • Project 3: Server log analysis
    • Spark developer Certification preparation for MapR and Databricks Distribution

    Why Data Brio Academy ?

    • Learn directly from industry practitioners with more than 22 years of corporate experience with companies like Dell R&D, Infosys, Perot System, Tektronics etc. etc.
    • Certification from WEBEL
    • Only institute with transparent faculty profiles directly from industry. Get the business perspective instead of learning just the tools & theories
    • Unique training methodology with hands-on sessions, real-time case studies, assignments with data sets and projects with end to end life cycle
    • End-to-end life cycle experience of real-time project. Internship provision in our parent company Business Brio. Business Brio (member of NASSCOM and CII -Confedration of Indian Industry) is an award-winning company that offers consulting and projects services in Big Data and Analytics to clients around the globe
    • 100% Placement assistance through dedicated placement cell (resume workshop, interview guidance and placement opportunities)



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